Business Process Outsourcing

ALM is the best business process outsourcing company in Pakistan. We used technologies to manage all our projects efficiently. We deliver and proven Business Process Outsourcing solutions in Pakistan that various aspects of an enterprise to give a single view of the business. ALM is the best one-stop business process outsourcing company in Pakistan for all outsourcing requirements. All you need to do is experience us. We hold the reputation for offering personalized solutions to best serve all business needs. Whether you are a large-scale business or a startup, we offer the best BPO services. If you want any help you can contact us without any hesitation. We will help you and fulfill your requirements.

Employment Screening Services in Pakistan

ALM HR provides the employment screening services in Pakistan. Our Company has the knowledge and expertise to develop, implement and help manage a comprehensive employment screening program include Qualification, criminal history, previous employment, credit reports, personal and professional references, drug testing. An ALM Human resource is the place where you can easily and effectively attain pre-employment screening services that judge employees:

Reduced Liabilities

You can delegate many of your responsibilities of being an employer to us and gain the support and the help you need to take care of your business and improve it from the inside out. Employer/employee disputes are among the fastest-growing area of litigation in Pakistan today. With ALM, you don't have to face employer liability issues alone. Our business process outsourcing in Pakistan help you manage your risks for employee/employer litigation. Our ALM business process outsourcing company in Pakistan can also help you manage your employer obligations more effectively.

Administrative Relief

We provide business process outsourcing in Pakistan. There is spiraling numbers of government regulations, mounting piles of paperwork and employer-related obligations to any business. However, when you enter into a co-employment agreement with ALM, you’re able to transfer or share many employer liabilities and gain control over the business that you’ve been lacking.
  • Recruitment & selection
    • Employment Administration
      • Government Compliance
        • Employer Liability Management
          • Training & Development
  • Benefits Administration
    • Payroll Processing
      • Managed staffing /Third Party Contracting
        • Income Tax – E-filling Services
          • HR Management

Outsourced Accounting

Small and medium-sized companies face a challenge to stay focused on building their business. They need solid financial management with a dependable accounting function—a resource you may not have in-house.

Whether you want to add expertise to your existing team or completely outsource your accounting and finance functions, we offer reliable and economical options.

  • We help to Registration Firms, Trade Mark, Copyright, FBR & PRA
    • Refilling of tax returns
      • We install and upgrade your Accounting system from simple to complex
        • Help to manage the banking, legal, payroll, benefits, and HR relationships
          • Online bill payment and bookkeeping
            • Financial reporting and advice for management and investors
              • Financial statement audit management

ALM Outsourcing Services

That's where we come in ALM Outsourcing Services provides start-ups and other businesses with outsourced accounting and finance solutions on a fixed-fee basis. No issue what your size or fund-raising status, we can tailor our services to fit your needs at every stage of your company's lifecycle.
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