Industrial Organizational Psychotherapy

Practical Value
Organizations and companies have intrinsic problems (e.g. absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, turnover and other staffing issues) that are too costly to be ignored. Industrial-Organizational Psychology resolves these problems at a fraction of the original cost if these problems were left unattended. In other words, this field of Psychology is financially rewarding to many companies and promotes satisfaction and better productivity among workers.

One-on-One counseling
This includes work-place counseling for employees experiencing challenges related to work place environment that may hinder with firstly individual and later organizational goals.
Individual counseling can add great value to a company. It influences the environment of the work place in a positive manner. It is especially helpful to those seeking help in overcoming stress/anxiety in the workplace or at home. Benefits include improvement in overall interpersonal harmony among employees & helping employees improve their work-life balance which in turn is ultimately beneficial for the organization.